Thank You, Co-Op!

The Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction would like to send a shout out to the North Coast Co-Op Cooperative Community Fund for providing HACHR with the funds to purchase a new fridge/freezer and stove for their newly remolded kitchen. Having access to grant funding like this is life changing in the world of harm reduction.

As active drug users, HACHR consumers are among some of the most at-risk people in the Humboldt community, comprised of many individuals who are homeless, veterans, and/or experiencing various other health conditions, ranging from mental illness to Hepatitis and HIV. Because of the stigma of drug use, intersecting with other marginalizations experienced by this population (e.g., homelessness, mental health status, etc.), this group is often overlooked by other programs and services. Many of our consumers also have health issues related to homelessness and/or drug use. In addition to this, our consumers also face food insecurity; lacking consistent access to food.

By having access to HACHR, many of these consumers also have access to healthy, home-cooked meals. And, now that our organization has a real refrigerator (we had a mini-fridge before) and a stove (we cooked primarily on a hot plate or in a microwave), we can prepare food for consumers with ease, and maximum food storage capabilities. These appliance are going to be a tremendous addition to our organization!

So again, thank you to the North Coast Co-Op Cooperative Community Fund, and to Poletski’s Appliances for helping us to choose (and afford) the best appliances. We appreciate the support of a local business.

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