this week in: Harm Reduction in the redwoods newsletter

A Plea From People Who Use Drugs to Clinicians
 An article entitled “A Plea From People Who Use Drugs to Clinicians: New Ways to Initiate Buprenorphine are Urgently Needed in the Fentanyl Era” has been published this month for Addiction Med. This article explains the benefits to using Buprenorphine, a medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD), especially when fentanyl, an extremely strong opioid, has become very prevalent in the unregulated drug supply and thus resulting in thousands of preventable deaths in the United States. Click here to download the article.
Harm Reduction Learning Moment 
We’re introducing a new segment of our newsletter…learning moments! You can rely on us to discuss all things harm reduction. From explaining supplies to discussing principles, we’ll talk about it. So what’s first? Let’s talk about hammer pipes! Different pipes are ideally used for smoking different substances. Hammer Pipes, also known as heroin pipes, are for smoking…heroin! They are commonly used with a screen and torch and are a safer alternative to injecting. Check out the comic above (Made by People’s Harm Reduction Alliance) for more information.

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