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The Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction is committed to building stronger, healthier communities by co-creating spaces that foster dignity, equity and choice.



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Brandie Wilson – Executive Director & Founder

Brandie has the combination of university education coupled with twenty-five years of street level experience regarding drug policy and Harm Reduction. Brandie has seen first hand the detrimental effects the war on drugs truly has in peoples’ lives. During graduate school she was given a most useful ideology by her mentor Jennifer Eichstedt, “power with, not power over”.  This simple but powerful ideology is the foundation for any community work she approaches.

Brandie has served on cultural committees, conference planning committees, and non-profit boards. The journey through abstinence only programs led her to follow what she had always known to be true.  A life of complete abstinence doe not work for everyone and we should all have the ability to determine what is right for ourselves.

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Jessica Smith – Program Director

Jessica graduated from Humboldt State in May of 2018 with her Master’s in Public Sociology. After Brandie spoke in one of her classes, Jessica realized the ways in which she could personally relate to Harm Reduction because of a family member’s history with substance use. Although previously unfamiliar with the concept, Jessica immediately saw the ways in which using Harm Reduction could not only prevent the spread of diseases and unnecessary loss of life, but also treat people who use drugs with the dignity and respect they deserve.

HACHR has continued to provide opportunities for Jessica to grow and learn. She has been humbled by the experiences of the people she works with and serves, and is constantly reminded of the strength and resiliency of her fellow community members.

Kenny Boyd – Community Clean-Up Coordinator

Bio coming soon!

Christina Donnell – Outreach Coordinator

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