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The Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction is committed to building stronger, healthier communities by co-creating spaces that foster dignity, equity and choice.



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Jessica Smith – Executive Director

Jessica graduated from Humboldt State in May of 2018 with her Master’s in Public Sociology. After HACHR founder Brandie Wilson spoke in one of her classes, Jessica realized the ways in which she could personally relate to Harm Reduction because of a family member’s history with substance use. Although previously unfamiliar with the concept, Jessica immediately saw the ways in which using Harm Reduction could not only prevent the spread of diseases and unnecessary loss of life, but also treat people who use drugs with the dignity and respect they deserve.

HACHR has continued to provide opportunities for Jessica to grow and learn. She has been humbled by the experiences of the people she works with and serves, and is constantly reminded of the strength and resiliency of her fellow community members.

Kenny Boyd – Community Clean-Up Coordinator

Kenny is a dynamic, determined individual and a model staff. He is a Navy Veteran and obtained employment with Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction (HACHR) in early 2018 after moving through the peer leadership program.  He is now responsible for keeping our community clean, often responding to calls from individuals and businesses. Beyond clean-up, Kenny is responsible for building bridges between HACHR and other businesses and community members; he is well known and respected around town. Kenny is a leader in the Harm Reduction Movement in Humboldt County and a valuable member of HACHR. 

Christina Donnell – Lead Case Manager, Testing to Treatment Program

Christina, who also made her way through the peer leadership program, works diligently to ensure not only the well being of herself and her family but also the people she works with as the Lead Case Manager/Navigator for Humboldt Area center for Harm Reduction. She is also a member of their Peer Advisory Committee where she uses her knowledge and lived experience as a way to ensure more and more people can successfully accomplish goals, and work to get out of the criminal justice system as well as take charge of their own health and wellness.


Ronald Allen – SSP Coordinator

Ronald’s experiences in Harm Reduction stem back to his early life, where through a chaotic family environment Ron learned to adapt and implement skills to care for those around him.  This would be a theme throughout his life, and as Ron became older he dedicated most of his early 20’s to volunteering and traveling the U.S. in order to enhance his world view and be able to serve others better. With Ronald as a member of the HACHR team he hopes to continue advocating for marginalized communities, combating stigma, and of course serving others with intention from the heart.

4F618B8C-8863-4B7F-8939-FF3EB3033D3ALasara Firefox Allen – HCV/HIV Testing Program Coordinator

Lasara’s work in harm reduction stretches back to the early 1990s. Much of Lasara’s focus in the arena of harm reduction has been in HIV transmission prevention, reproductive health, and sex positive safer sex education. This has prepared her well for her position at HACHR where she works in HIV and HCV testing, referral to treatment, and transmission prevention.

In addition to her work with HACHR, Lasara is a full time student in the Humboldt State University social work program, an intern at the student health center, and a research assistant in the social work department. She is mom to two amazing young folks, and is married to the love of her life.

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