HACHR Cleans Up!

This weekend, HACHR hit the streets! Our community has an alarming shortage of public bathrooms which puts us at exponential risk of an outbreak of Hepatitis A. One way to help prevent the spread of Hepatitis A is to power wash areas that may have been used for bathroom purposes. HACHR has recently purchased a power washer and uses it on a regular basis to clean our property and surrounding spaces.

We would like to see more public bathrooms but until then we will keep doing our part in preventing the spread of Hepatitis A.

This weekend we also held volunteer training and block clean up! Thanks to our amazing Volunteer Coordinator, Jorge, for facilitating such a wonderful training! We are Chamber of Commerce members and adopted our organization’s block a while back and continue to maintain our small part. We encourage everyone to join Chamber and adopt a block! It’s important to keep our gutters free of trash and weeds so that our drainage systems work effectively. We hope you too will join Chamber and adopt a block!

Thank You, Bombas!

HACHR sends a heartfelt thank you to Bombas for donating 144 pairs of brand new socks to our organization. Our consumers are always in need of clean, dry socks and we are very thankful to have an abundant supply!

Many of HACHR’s consumers are without homes, often facing difficulties with laundry, and obtaining clean socks. Research shows that foot problems are prevalent among those without homes and are often attributed to extended exposure to moisture, poor footwear, prolonged standing and walking, poor foot hygiene, and repetitive trauma. Living on the streets can also put those without homes at risk for parasites, infections, and frostbite. Warm, clean socks play a fundamental role in the prevention of these risks.

Thank you, Bombas!

Thank You, Co-Op!

The Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction would like to send a shout out to the North Coast Co-Op Cooperative Community Fund for providing HACHR with the funds to purchase a new fridge/freezer and stove for their newly remolded kitchen. Having access to grant funding like this is life changing in the world of harm reduction.

As active drug users, HACHR consumers are among some of the most at-risk people in the Humboldt community, comprised of many individuals who are homeless, veterans, and/or experiencing various other health conditions, ranging from mental illness to Hepatitis and HIV. Because of the stigma of drug use, intersecting with other marginalizations experienced by this population (e.g., homelessness, mental health status, etc.), this group is often overlooked by other programs and services. Many of our consumers also have health issues related to homelessness and/or drug use. In addition to this, our consumers also face food insecurity; lacking consistent access to food.

By having access to HACHR, many of these consumers also have access to healthy, home-cooked meals. And, now that our organization has a real refrigerator (we had a mini-fridge before) and a stove (we cooked primarily on a hot plate or in a microwave), we can prepare food for consumers with ease, and maximum food storage capabilities. These appliance are going to be a tremendous addition to our organization!

So again, thank you to the North Coast Co-Op Cooperative Community Fund, and to Poletski’s Appliances for helping us to choose (and afford) the best appliances. We appreciate the support of a local business.


How to Speak Out for HACHR:

Send an email to Eureka City Council! They need to hear from you by Tuesday, December 18th at 5:00pm. Click HACHR City Council Example Letter for a sample letter.  Click here for City Council’s contact information.

Attend City Council on December 19th! We need your face, and your voice, to show City Council vigilante groups do not speak for all of us. Come to show your support for HACHR and the work we do. The Eureka City Council meets at 6:00pm at 531 K Street.

Get Informed! Learn about Harm Reduction! Help stop the spread of misinformation by getting informed. Our newly revamped web site has Frequently Asked Questions to help you through these difficult discussions with your neighbors and coworkers.

Get Involved! We are always looking for volunteers to maintain our high level of service. From community clean ups, to holiday events, we could use your help! Sign up to be a volunteer on our web site.

Follow us on Social Media! We use Facebook and Instagram to spread correct information about harm reduction and HACHR. Follow us, and share the real information to your social networks to help spread the word.

Take it to the Next Level! Consider writing a letter to the editor or opinion piece for a local media outlet (like the Times Standard). Let the community hear your story, and your voice—let them know HACHR and harm reduction have strong supporters in Humboldt County and beyond!

Anything Warm Drive!

We invite you to participate in our third annual Anything Warm Drive!

This year we are collecting warm clothes, blankets, hats, socks, scarves, back packs, sleeping bags and anything that is clean and gently used. We are thankful to our community partners and support that allows us the ability to reach people and help prove connection and services to people who may need it. We will be collecting and distributing warm items from December 1 to January 31. Thank you all for the continuing support!

Drop-Off Locations

  • HACHR – 1522 3rd Street – Eureka, CA
  • Humboldt Patient Resource Center – 980 6th Street – Arcata, CA
  • Humboldt County Collective – 1670 Myrtle Avenue – Eureka, CA
  • Synapsis – 212 G Street Suite 102 – Eureka, CA

Questions? hachr707.info@gmail.com

New Hours & Services

HACHR’s New Hours

Syringe Exchange Drop-In Hours – 1522 3rd Street in Eureka, CA

  • Monday 11:00am to 1:00pm
  • Tuesday 10:00am to 2:00pm
  • Thursday 10:00am to 2:00pm

Syringe Exchange – Arcata, CA Street Outreach

  • Wednesday 12:30pm to 2:30pm – CALL AHEAD – (707) 407-6013

HACHR’s New Services

“Snacks & Services” – 1522 3rd Street in Eureka, CA

  • Monday 11:00am to 12:00pm – Humboldt County AOD will provide on demand mental health crisis counseling and connection to treatment.

The People’s Art Project w/ Synapsis – 1522 3rd Street in Eureka, CA

  • Tuesday 12:00pm to 2:00pm – Synapsis Nova is collaborating with HACHR to start an art group for consumers.

Harm Reduction Through Film

The Caring Community: Ithaca and the Movement for Supervised Injection Facilities – 2017

In 2016, the small city of Ithaca, New York made national news when its mayor and district attorney became the first senior elected officials in the United States to endorse opening a supervised injection facility (SIF) as part of a broad drug policy reorientation. This bold move not only raised the profile of advocacy for SIFs around the country, but started a conversation about the need for safer drug use spaces in small towns and suburban and rural communities. The Caring Community is a short documentary film that tells Ithaca’s story through the words of people who use drugs, elected and law enforcement officials, and healthcare providers.

Everywhere But Safe: Public Injecting in New York

Everywhere But Safe is a documentary film that examines public injection drug use in New York and charts a path toward healthier and safer communities. Filmed in New York City, Albany, Schenectady, and rural Columbia County, the film includes perspectives from people who inject drugs, public health experts, and government officials.

Harm Reduction Week

November 6, 2017 | 9:30 – 1:30
Harm Reduction Coalition Listening Session
Wharfinger Building Great Room – 1 Marina Way
RSVP: frost@harmreduction.org

November 7, 2017 | 5:30 – 7:00
“The Caring Community: Ithaca and the Movement for Supervised Injection Facilities”
Screening + Q&A w/ Filmmakers + Local Experts
HSU Library Fishbowl (Room 209)

November 8, 2017 | 6:00 – 8:00
Open House for the Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction
Contact HACHR for more information.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 9.02.21 PM.png

Thank you to the Harm Reduction Coalition for making this event possible!

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 3.43.04 PM

HACHR Executive Director Wins CalHep Service Award

The Sherri Ziegler Community Service Award

Awardee: Brandie Wilson, Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction

Honorable mentions:
Paris de la Rosa & Daniela Mieja, Access Support Network

Pauli Gray, San Francisco AIDS Foundation
Paul Harkin, Glide
Robin Roth, San Francisco Hepatitis C Task Force
Michael Wilk, Health Right 360

CalHep LogoEstablished in 2009 in honor of the late Sherri R. Ziegler, a founding member of CalHEP, the award reflects her dedication to fighting hepatitis B and C. Sherri worked tirelessly to advocate in Sacramento and Washington, DC for those in need of support and services, especially in rural northern California. She loved to travel with her message of hope for people who, like her, were affected by hepatitis C. Sherri also mentored countless advocates all over the rural north. She always had a positive attitude even when she faced obstacles that would overwhelm most people. Along with her advocacy efforts, Sherri provided education, support, and other services for people with hepatitis C in her community. She was an invaluable resource to the Peach Tree Clinic, the Sutter, Yuba, and Butte County Health Departments, and advocacy groups in Shasta and Plumas Counties. This award is presented to an individual who has exhibited outstanding leadership in addressing viral hepatitis in California through advocacy, education, and/or direct services.  Nominations are encouraged for individuals who are leaders in the hepatitis B and/or hepatitis C communities. Previous award recipients include Leslie Benson (2010), Orlando Chavez (2011), Koy Parada & Mimi Chang (2012), and Shirley Barger (2016).

California Syringe Exchange Programs

September 28-29: HACHR Executive Director Brandie Wilson, attended the 2017 California Syringe Exchange Programs conference in Oakland, CA.

She brought back so many cutting edge ideas to Humboldt County, including innovative way to expand Hepatitis C testing and treatment. In addition, Brandie was asked to facilitate two conference sessions on best practices for Syringe Exchange Programs and Naloxone distribution in rural counties. She is helping the State of California better understand the unique barriers that come with rural drug use.

Special thanks to the Harm Reduction Coalition, Drug Policy Alliance, and California Hepatitis Alliance for hosting this conference.


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