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  • Quick update and info about mobile services

    Hello everyone! We haven’t added much to this website in quite some time, but thanks for checking it out if you are reading this. There has been so much change in the last few months that it might be hard to keep track of it all. The basic timeline of events is that since December […]

  • What About the Children? An Introduction from HACHR’s New ED

    What About the Children? An Introduction from HACHR’s New ED

    Hello! My name is Jessica and I am the new Executive Director at HACHR. It’s been a few weeks since I settled into my new role, so I wanted to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself! I have been with the organization since 2017. I started as an intern while completing my Master’s degree […]

  • Episode 8 of #factsmatter

    Episode 8 of #factsmatter

    Our latest podcast episode is all about Humboldt politics! We talk with Eureka City Council member Kim Bergel about her experience participating in the homelessness challenge. We also discuss Fortuna City Council and their desire to implement a Syringe Exchange ordinance similar to the one that exists in Eureka, and the unfortunate and inhumane comments […]

  • Episode 4 of #factsmatter!

    Episode 4 of #factsmatter!

    This months podcast we talk about our experience at the National Harm Reduction Conference. We discuss SESTA/FOSTA, Peer Leadership, Rural Harm Reduction, and #reframetheblame.  We hope you enjoy this episode! Click here to listen!

  • Episode 3 of #factsmatter!

    Episode 3 of #factsmatter!

    Episode 3: Overamping, What is it, Who’s at risk & How to prevent it! Because in the era of fake news and faulty logic….. #factsmatter Click here to listen!

  • Episode 2 of #factsmatter!

    Episode 2 of #factsmatter!

    Hi Friends! This is our second episode of our podcast called #factsmatter! This episode discusses overdose prevention.  Our next episode will be on Stimulant Overamping and will be out in a few days so keep an eye out for it. Thanks for listening! Click here to listen!

  • Our New Podcast!

    Our New Podcast!

    This is our first blog post! We will start to develop regular posts and add them to our site. Our blog posts will range from new data & research in Harm Reduction, HACHR projects&programs, local accomplishments & issues, Statewide legislation, and more! Todays blog post is to let you know about our podcast #factsmatter! Each […]

  • Safe Consumption Sites in Humboldt

    Safe Consumption Sites in Humboldt

    Tell the Calif. Senate: End overdose deaths This Wednesday (September 13), an important public health bill Assembly Bill 186 fell two votes short of the 21 votes needed to pass the California State Senate. This bill would have allowed several California counties to pilot programs for safe consumption sites (SCS). SCS are hygienic spaces for […]